Saturday, July 12, 2014

CD is FIP is AC is all Weather Change related

I have mentioned in the previous post how I believe FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis) and CD (Canine Distemper) are the same. I've seen the same disease in my rats (plague? pneumonia? plasmosis?), crows (bird flu?), kites and squirrels. I'm guessing AC (Asiatic Cholera), Polio, MMS in humans are all related diseases.

My Inference from the empirical:
* they're all weather related - specifically weather change related, season change.
* they all affect the cerebro-spinal nerves
* they all have wet and dry forms and the neurological extremes (which is why I think we should heal from the spinal nerves and brain to get to the root of the problem)
* they're all inherited

'Wet' forms turn neurological at first quarter (when Kitpit had convulsions - Absinth 10m). It turns wet again by attacking the liver transv. enlargement (Taraxicum 30, 10m) around Full Moon with neurological remnants(physostigma cm, hell 1m).
Can't use Rhododendron from FQ to Full Moon for its aggravation during this period.

Almost purely Compositae on this month's (July) Full Moon day (Artemisia, Chamomilla, Taraxicum, Arnica, Absinth, etc with Physostigma cm of Leguminosae). There must be something in Compositae that helps damaged organs and systems heal.

Ranunculae worked great from New Moon to FQ+3. There must be some inhibiting qualities to the Ranunculae that prevents the development of disease during the inflammation and induration period.

Icy just responded to Absinth (10m? 200? unfortunately the label has gotten worn off with too much time wet) in the FM+3. He has infection travelling in his bones and coming out around his joints (not pus yet like in the murderous CD, but itchin in the bones and a measle-like rash on his abdomen). He's also responding to Bufo 1m.

More later.

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