Saturday, July 19, 2014

Calc fluor for indurations goes with Rhod 6,12

I found what Icy needs by chance (I hope this is it) - Calc fluor 6x. He's got these wounds that have started all over his limbs. He's got swellings around his joints - and something that I think James could have used (I heard he'd been picked up by some van yesterday -- I hope they haven't killed him or that he hasn't died!).

Icy itches along the bones with a 'hunh, hunh, hunh' cry - I've heard that before from Laxmi but didn't know what to give her until she died - asafoetida, calc carb 3, lach, nothing can stop it. It's worse with the rains and weather change. All dogs that need Bacillinum need this remedy, so therefore, all dogs need it! I have to remember for the next dog! In fact, I should have given it to everyone when I gave it to Stripes a month ago!!!

It goes with Rhododendron and I'll write more about what it heals in animals later.
 I just read that Nat mur is similar to Calc fluor and that it is the chronic of Ignatia. I should check it out on all the cats and dogs.
  • My checklist for Calc Fluor:
  • Malnutrition of bones (swelling around joints, paws angled from dislocation, walks slowly from dislocation)
  • Induration threatening suppuration ('hunh, hunh, hunh' cries during rains and cold weather)
  • Cataract (foggy or hard)
  • Ulcerated throat (hangs down), smelly, whitish pus in saliva (entire thoat area has a looseness to it - skin in folds with one patch stuck to thyroid region, mapped skin, throat swollen and can hardly swallow)
  • wounds around bony areas (just patches around legs, joints, etc. thin wounds as if from biting)
  • hardpad - fissures and cracks in paws (I'm assuming that this can be cured - my Kitpit had hardening paws which it would constantly lick which has lessened after 2 doses)
  • Hardening arteries and veins (visible in the legs of dogs as thickened)
  • Grey-white skin
  • Chronic suppuration of middle ear (sloshing in ear)
  • Hard swelling in cheek or face (bones of face swollen)
  • Flatulence (my first indication - like bubbles in the lower abdomen when pressed, grumbling colic)
  • Tubercular dogs and cats (heart problems, worms and tumors/growth - complex)
  • Most obvious need is visible during a monsoon (suffers excessively during the build-up to this)

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