Saturday, July 19, 2014

Calc fluor aggravation

This is why I hate the Calcs. Calc fluor 6, which they all drew because I checked carefully, has created an aggravation in the kitten, Kitpit, and Icy, the two that needed it the most. And at a time when they should least aggravate, the Last Quarter. So maybe I got the moon phase wrong. Maybe it should be like this ...

First Qtr to Full Moon--> Full Moon to Last Qtr--> Last Qtr to New Moon--> New Moon to First Qtr
(Inflammation)  --------------->(Induration)-----------> (Suppuration) ----------> ?
(to prevent induration)------>(to prevent Suppuration) ---> (to prevent inflammation) -----> ?
Calc Fluor --------------->(Bufo, Caps, Echin, Hep?) ---> (Hysc, Phytolacca, Rhod, Rumex, Thuja?) ---?

That's my new experiment.
I hate aggravations. Right now the bones of Kitpit's face are all swollen and Icy is itching along his legs madly. This one came on 6 hours after the remedy, I hope it doesn't last longer than a day. No wonder they say Calc fluor shouldn't be repeated too often! More later.
Staggering the Calc Fluor
The Calc Fluor aggravation ended in 12 hours (even the kitten) so by morning they were drawing it again at 6x and I repeated it. But today they're drawing Hepar Sulph 30 more than Calc Fluor 6 so I'm going with it - figured I'd repeat Calc F only once in 3 days or a week, go easy with it. They all need Calc F and draw it more than any of the other Calcs except for Hepar (which I consider a sea remedy since it is oyster shell calcium).

They're drawing Nat mur at 6x but not strongly, so I'm not going to follow it up yet - they've never reacted well to nat mur or ferr phos, the two anemic remedies - I guess anemia isn't their problem, indurations, calcification and hardening is.

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