Sunday, July 13, 2014

Boger's moon remedies or Duncan's acid-alkali

One would think that I'd read and be excited by Boger's work on moon phases first before all but ... so not!

Boger's moon remedies and mine have too much difference. His use of Phosphorus, which I can't use at all in any useful way (maybe it works better in the northern countries?) bombs his list for me. I'm glad he made the attempt as I am doing. But my thinking is more aligned with Thomas Duncan.

Thomas Duncan has worked his way from the periodic table of elements which makes sense to me. Except that his acid and alkaline set is not much use for our sick animals - they're almost always alkaline puppies and kittens turning acid in an unhealthy way. Attempting to grade the acid remedies and alkaline remedies to treat in my mass feeding way is very difficult. In individual cases too it is hard work to find the extent of acidity and change it to a neutrality. I've had a little success with Blackie's kitten but I couldn't keep it up or find follow-up remedies and the kitten died.

The one great use I've found for Duncan's work is his set of "acid and alkaline" -- Cina, Cicuta, Tellurium, etc are fabulous to give at Full Moon and New Moon for their neutrality during an extreme time in energy shift.

His Coffea Tosta 12 which slowly changes an acid stomach to an alkaline one does that more harmlessly is a better (being of the same family as China off which so many are using to treat FIP, I think makes it more relevant).

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