Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A mistake? Changes I need to make

I have to look at what's happening to Pummi as a part of the whole. The tumors she had in her breasts for almost 7 years disappeared in the last moon cycle. Probably around the time I gave the Calc fl 6 (though probably not because of it ... but before it). I wasn't tracking it past the swelling that developed and then I was distracted by Kitpit and keeping him alive. And healing the mango tree.

Pummi stopped eating voraciously around the Last Quarter (so I thought she was better) and started vomiting around New Moon +1 and stopped in 2 days (today). Hopefully.

Is there something missing in my set? Is the problem the set itself - maybe too hard on those with growths? Time? Season?

Since so many are better, I am assuming that the set was strictly for a short period (so that I don't have to start over for the 18-28 moon days or maybe 14-28 which would be an FM-NM cycle).

These are the changes I'm planning:
1. I've forgotten Kreos which has helped her stop vomiting and was probably what she needed 3 days ago.
2. I'd forgotten that the root chakra needs low potencies
3. I think my set has too many different potencies - maybe I should stick to some potency for all like Mataji's Soham remedies? Not sure what I should do. I need to think about it. It doesn't sound totally right to do that though, since they do draw Bufo in 6x and Puls in 10m ... but I haven't tried Bufo 10m so I need to invest in getting all the remedies in the same potency and giving it a shot in uniform potency.
4.I need to make a set for NM-FM or at least NM-FQ. Starting with Kreos 6 today. I'll build up from there.
5. Maybe the change needs to be only for the two extremes - FM and NM and the 3 days before and after them.

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