Thursday, June 26, 2014

New Moon fermentation

This time around the animals have started drawing higher potencies two days before the New Moon. The last three moon cycles they were not as healthy and it took until 5 days after the new moon. Before that it took even longer upto the First Qtr. So this is a sign of returning health - the dips and troughs of the New Moons should be shallower.

And I use 'returning health' relatively.:) Those that had worms the previous moon cycles have fewer or none. The ear sloshing is less as is Kenchu's groaning and itching. Very few fleas have hatched and are hopping around rather than settling on all the dogs.

But removing worms is a mixed blessing. The worms actually seemed to serve a purpose in the body containing the problem of poor digestion.

Now the full force of the abdominal weakness is apparent. The fermentation in the intestines from poor flora is highlighted. They've been gassy, with borborygami (rumbling in the tummy) and bubbling fermentation. This is in all the dogs - the cats I can even see the bloating and hear the bubbling in the kittens. One kitten (abandoned by the mother last week) has grey loose stools with little bubbles in it.

The one clue I've had in healing it has been that they all sit pressing down on their stomach. Obviously they are all better by pressure. I've used Ignatia 6 and cm to good effect after 5 yrs of keeping it and wondering what to do with the remedies. The kittens are drawing it strongly and repeatedly. It's the fermentation that killed the kitten  (5th Mar - 5 days after the New Moon) whose stomach was a hard ball in this page.

Today they've drawn Berberis 10m, Augustura 1m, Carduus Mar 50m, Opium 50m - so the conclusion I've drawn about 'low potencies for New Moon' is wrongish -- the fermentation remedies are drawn in full strength and at their height of effectiveness during this period.

Rule: Fermentation remedies before deworming towards the New Moon.
I'm also feeling a bit down about Blackie's kitten and the mottled black chorea dog that both died around 22-23 Jun. I had used Cuprum Ace cm during that period (because so many drew it) but I think the elemental remedies are too harsh on the sick. I've felt this often and I feel this way again - I wish I hadn't used any of them. Even losing one sick animal to carelessness is wrong and I think using the elements is careless with the sick. Going to stick to the plant remedies for a few months until the sick come up to speed.

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