Friday, June 27, 2014

Bringing in the elements - 2

 27 jun - Bad idea. My weakest kitten and dog died after the elements. I don't know if they're creating bad aggravations or just circumstance, but my plant remedies in any potency don't have animals dying.

I think once the plant remedies stop being effective is when I should start on the elements. Yeah, as late as that. I know others heal with them but I can't see how when the elements are drawn in the highest potencies but also carry aggravations in weak animals. I do believe that the plant remedies prepare the body better for healing in animals.
4 jun - Ok, I've decided to use an element or two as an "intercurrent" (hehe, homeopaths have devised so many words to bypass the "single remedy, minimal dose, max time" insistence of Hahneman. The truth is that they've all, even the greats like Burnett, Kent and Clarke, given multiple remedies, to heal piecemeal, and with TDS or three times a day as the homeopathic mean - nothing  for them to knock from Mataji's mixtures.:) and my intercurrent will be around the full moon to counter the greater acidity then.

The stars of my show right now are Pulsatilla, Thuja, Phytolacca and Rhododendron (or maybe I should say Ranunculae, Coniferae, Phytolacaceae, Ericaceae). I'll pick an element from their compatibles or "follows well" list. I'll also ensure that it is acidic.

I know the dogs are extremely open to Mag mur and Chlorine or Mur acid, Cuprum ace, Argent nitricum, Aur met, Merc, Sulphur, Sulph acid and Tellurium. I'll try and pick a remedy from that lot.
Pulsatilla: Sul, Sulp Ac. (complimentary), Merc.
Thuja: Merc, Sulph, Nitr ac.
Phytolacca: (inimical-Merc.)
Rhododendron: Merc, Sul.

So Merc is definitely out. Can't use inimicals. Sulphur and Sulphuric acid seem to be the best choices. I'll start with those.

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