Thursday, May 15, 2014

Weather changes, the Moon, Green Secretions and Worms

I'm trying to reduce the Apr-May 2014 set to a few key remedies. Going by the way Rhododendron and Phytolacca were drawn, I've inferred that dogs need remedies that heal for the weather changes, the moon, green secretions and worms.

I've known this a long time, so duh me, but its been hard to pin it down with them drawing remedies left, right and center. The childhood disease measles closely resembles canine and feline distemper in the damage it does, so I've included that in the rubric. The gonorrheal base of measles also fits - I should include cancer at some point too.

Here's the shortlist of 9 remedies that I'll now try to fit into the moon cycle and see if the healing speeds up:

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