Monday, May 19, 2014

Some weird coincidence

I've noticed a strange coincidence repeating itself in my family. Funny really if it wasn't so frustrating.:)

Every time an animal heals, and I claim a particular remedy did it, there's a counter-claim by my mother, cook and brother that they'd given the same animal allopathic medicines to cure it. This has gone on for 5 years now. It's happening now in Pummi's case as well. I'm wondering if it could be a kind of maya that covers the action of homeopathy (which explains why the whole world can't see the healing that homeopathy does ... that's another amazing thing to me ... that wikipedia claims that homeopathy has a placebo effect!). Of course, it could just be my family's way of being completely in;postID=1904681940849954618different to what I do.;)

Just as I thought that Pummi's mucus filled eyes are healing with Thuja, which I've just started and was gloating over, my servant said that my brother has started giving her something in cheese (turns out to be Betnovate in pill form - a corticosteroid). It is very possible. The rapidity of the cure points to something allopathic rather than homeopathic. But this means that I can't estimate how well this set of remedies do with her. (Anyway, it's enough that she heals, I guess, but so much for a purist approach.:)

I can think of a few reasons why this kind of cloaking is good.

One is a healer's humility and uncertainty - uncertainty is at the heart of a creative, active healing approach. I tend to get over-confident very rapidly and feel that my method or system is better than everyone else's. This makes me impatient with people and animals, the slowness of healing.

Time and again I've seen brilliant cures by my mother and Mataji's Shivananda healing system - something I can learn from if I've the mindset of uncertainty. They give one mixture and one specific, usually to be taken 3 times a day. Over 90% of the patients she treats claim to have improved permanently - something I can't even dream of with my more generalized system - 10% of my dogs and cats ... maybe 20% in the last two months, but no more than that - as yet.

Then there's allopathy which is definitely not a waste of time no matter how much homeopaths pooh-pooh it. James owes his life to the timely surgical removal of maggots and sterility that enabled him to heal. Maybe it isn't a disease cure, but he's still alive which is more than he would have been with my treatment alone. I simply didn't know enough to be able to heal him at the time he needed it. It was 3-5 days after the surgery that I figured out Rhododendron (because it rained and I made the connection to weather change) and Scillla mar (because of the loose cough that Rhod or the surgery brought out).

Then there's Hahnemann's aphorism ( to give this divine healing "free to all") - this system can't be used by anyone for a profit. How could it, if all its healing constantly coincides with the efforts of others?:) With the shelter dogs, the healing appears to the vets like the nutrition they provide as well as the sheltering from the elements that does the job; the dogs and cats at home, my mother and brother can always attribute it to their respective systems; the street animals I treat are all getting food from multiple animal-lovers - how wonderfully gratifying for them to see a good meal improve their charges!

I have thought of opening a clinic on and off, both for profit and to reach out, but this kind of coincidence reminds me that it isn't possible. It would be an exercise in futility, fulfilling neither my aspirations (I'd really hate to be treating only the expensive foreign pets of the selfish rich!) nor the needs of the independent street animal. All that time I'd spend working to build up a tiny clinic, convince and treat would take away from the time I'm putting into learning and healing the free and the feral. So ... everything is really for the best!

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