Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Dying dog remedy: Taraxicum and Aconite

The old blind dog that died today at the shelter (Weather related, season change: used to spin around in agony; Seemed to improve slightly with Rhus tox 200 but not enough to cure. Didn't draw Rhod. Finally died of vomiting, dehydration and exhaustion today) drew only Taraxicum and Aconite towards the end. Liver and kidney failure? I wish I had started it early, checked more carefully and I wish I knew how to cure them ... everything I did was too little too late again. He was such a baby. RIP, you poor lonely soul.

The puppy that was paralysed in the forelegs could stand after a dose of Ran B 30 yesterday. Today none of them drew that remedy, and he was back to crawling. But he and the other puppies (all with joint problems, photophobia, distended stomachs, tremors) drew Absinth 10m and Chamomilla 10m that I had with me. I hope giving them nose doses do no harm.

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