Wednesday, May 28, 2014

New Moon acidity = decay

I've got a new insight into using homeopathy with Duncan's list.
1. New moon time is acidic for unhealthy animals - they decay because acidity=decay. This is new knowledge for me - I used to think only of Full Moon acidity. Acidity during the full moon leads to inflammation, during the New Moon it leads to decay.

2. Remember how I was saying that we can use all the elements only in the full moon cycle? I was wrong.

What confused me was that I would often find that there were element remedies that would work quite well in the new moon cycle as well - just in no particular order that matched the periodic table. For eg., Mag mur and Mag Sulph worked great virtually all the time, but they wouldn't draw Mag carb or mag phos at all. I gave up on figuring it out then.

Duncan's list has Mag mur (and probably Mag sulph) as an acid but Mag carb and Mag phos as alkaline. Now that makes sense to me from my experience, but not adding to my understanding from the periodic table.

He does make sense in terms of electropositivity (alkalinity) on the left of the table and electronegativity (acidity) on the right end. That is my understanding of the chemistry. That acidity increases down the table and left to right.

I agree with him that the halogens and the Nats and Kalis (the two extremes) behave differently - that is my experience too. And another thing that I've noticed that Duncan's list reflects is how the elements switch their e value alternately.

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