Friday, May 23, 2014

Liliaceae for the new moon

Looks like my 9 remedies aren't going to be enough. They're drawing Allium Sat 3x and Sabadilla 3x.

The strange thing I've noticed is that you can almost always substitute one plant in the family for another. Liliaceae is extremely interchangeable and work well after each other (allium sat followed by allium cepa or scilla, etc.) as do Ranunculae (Puls can soften the Staphisagria dog to sweetness, aconite is followed well by the others) and Compositae (Bellis per follows Arnica, etc.)

Except for extreme cases like Belladonna which for some reason just doesn't do a thing for the animals except at 3x, which I have trouble working with (maybe I should use the less acidic Solanaceae first to build up to the Belladonna), I've found this to be rule to be true:

So, Rule 2: Plant families work well together. If one helps but doesn't heal completely, try another in the same group.

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