Saturday, May 31, 2014

9 Remedies +3

20 Jun: R.I.P. The kitten with jaundice below died. Vomiting and probably at night. I saw it the previous evening eating lustily even though it would always vomit every piece that hit its stomach. I think Ignatia might have saved it (eating well when sick). Too late now.

27 May update: closer to New Moon this list went for a six - only Phytolacca and Thuja remain active. So I'm using other remedies too.

30 May: The primary additional remedies for the New Moon are Allium Sat 3 and Sabadilla 10m (Liliaceae), Kreosotum 6, 200 (Fagaceae), Mezereum (Thymalaceae) and Capsicum (Solanaceae).

One little kitten is drawing Lycopodium 6 (Mosses & Fungi) and Spongia Tosta 30 (Sea Remedy). He's the undersized one who pukes the frothy vomit that almost choked him last night. Probably acidity and an intestinal flora problem.
I'm down to 9 remedies with the right profile. Phytolacca, Pusatilla, Rhododendron, Thuja, Terebinth, China, Belladonna, Nux vom and Dulcamara.

I've put together the list giving preference to those remedies I've used in the last couple of months but its the first time I've reduced the numbers to below 10! Usually I'm rooting through 50-odd remedies trying to find one that pulses for the sick dogs, then I'm terrified I won't find the next remedy. This time I'm fairly tension-free and plan to use only these for the months of May-Jun.:)

Most of them have been great for the animals - Phytolacca was my first successful remedy two years ago; then Terebinth with dying dogs, Pulsatilla with lame dogs more recenty and Rhododendron has been a superstar this last month helping the animals deal with the weather change. Thuja has done one dog good with a large tumor on its hip. China I've used last full moon, but I'm not sure what it did.

The only ones I haven't used at all are Nux vom, Belladonna and Dulcamara. The last two I've associated with really bad experiences - at least I've associated dogs dying at the time of their use (sometimes I wonder if that was just my perception of events). Fingers crossed that this won't happen again.

I'd given up on miasms as a working theory, but these remedies are all Sycotic or related to Gonorrhea or Cancer. Maybe I'll return to try and understand miasms again when I have healed them completely.

The first three remedies that have drawn energy on this Moon day, 15, Full Moon today, are China 30, Thuja 30 and Belladonna 30. (I must say I'm a little nervous about this idea since the remedies are drawing energy very mildly, and after this dose, they're drawing it even lower in 3x and 6x potencies!)

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