Sunday, April 13, 2014

Cicuta, Squilla and Ranunculus: Weather changes around the Full Moon

 Barometric pressure, April showers and the Full Moon

The animals, especially the old, seem to suffer the most when there's a combination of weather change (a drop in the Barometric pressure?) with the extremes of the moon cycle: Full or New Moon.

We've had this weather front building for two weeks (which probably prompted the breakdown in James and the other missing cancer dogs) but the visible rains began just a couple of days ago.

I've been as oblivious to the weather conditions as most people, but I did have Ranunculaceae on my list for this period of First Quarter to Full Moon which saved me a few worries about the animals (and a lot of suffering for them).

The cats drew Cicuta from Umbellifera from about a week ago - perhaps they're more sensitive to weather than the other animals. The dogs are still drawing it all the way to cm potency. It has a great effect on the abdomen and solar plexus (which seems to be the region that reacts to the weather change). They seem to have avoided the abdominal rumbling and indigestion this time because of it.

The old dog, James, drew Liliaceae which prompted my use of Squilla Maritima for all of them. It seems to be helping all the dogs except Blackie who has vomitted frothy bile for the last 2 days (it is an aggravation from either from Squilla or Ranunculus being given too low for her degree of disease.)

This combination of Ranunculaceae, Umbelliferaceae and Liliaceae seems to help most of the dogs and cats during these weather changes around the full moon.
 Scilla Maritima: - Moon Remedy Day 10 (FQ - FM)
This is a remedy I have never used before I divided plants by families - so grateful for that brilliant organising idea. It may save James' life. His mouth was being eaten by maggots and he overreacted to Arnica 1M after being given Hepar Sulph 200-Gunpowder cm. I was at the end of my rope since he was reacting to virtually everything when I finally pleaded with the guides to do something to save his life. He got picked up as a complaint call by Sarvodaya, my favorite a-w group, and the maggots were removed under anaesthetic, he was given drips and he's in recovery (they did manage to save his life!).

Today I checked him with half my plant remedies by family in Sarvodaya's shelter. I was beginning to despair (he drew none of the familiar ones strongly) when he took to Liliaceae and drew energy through it like a gushing stream! Happiness!:)

I checked around and it appears to be common to a lot of dogs, so I''m guessing it's a moon remedy for all! I came home and checked among the Liliaceae remedies (Sabadilla, Allium Cepa, Allium Sativa, Crocus, Lil Tig, Veratrums, Colch, Sarsaparilla and Squilla). It is the sea remedy - Squilla or Scilla - that they draw the most.

Day 10 after New Moon, second half of the First Quarter probably till the Full Moon.

Symptoms (in James):
  • Maggots in his left cheek/jaw (next to ear)
  • Continuous bleeding of dark maroon blood
  • Face swollen like with hives or angio-oedema
  • Coughing up large quantities of loose mucus
  • Twitching of his tail with a peculiar shivering stretch of his hindlegs
  • Loss of balance, stretching out hindlegs and leaning forward
  • Can't endure touch, flinching and cowering with head low
  • Continuous change of place, pacing.

I will be giving it to him overnight and tomorrow (not a mouth dose, but as a reiki distance healing) and I'll write if it helps.

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