Saturday, April 19, 2014

Vaguely, why these remedies...

First Quarter to Full Moon    -                           Full Moon  -                      FM to Last Qtr       -
assimilation, growth, inflammation, healing       balance, ripening, maturing       repair of tissue, blood, bone  Ranunculae, Solanaceae? Coniferae                    Sea remedies, minerals                    minerals, Ericaceae

 Last Qtr to New Moon         --                          NewMoon               -----          NM to First Qtr
elimination, circulation, prep to clear            waste elimination                repair of organs of elimination
Compositae, Apcynacea              Coniferae, Phytolaccacae, Myrtaceae             Compositae?

Still a work in progress.
Ranunculae seem to help proper assimilation, Compositae to work in elimination. But right now they've been working one way and then the other on alternate months. I haven't got a long enough time period to know more clearly.
Just an idea:
Maybe Compositae remedies (Arnica, echinacea) work internally for immunity and to develop inner strength and Ranunculae (Puls, Staph, etc.) work to help the body resist the environment and develop outer strength. That would explain its presence in different periods of the moon cycle.

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