Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Weather: The problem areas

I'm struggling with a few things still. But I no longer believe that Homeopathy is causing animals to die (like I did when I started this blog) ... the problem isn't homeopathy at all, it is getting to the disease before the weather, environment and moon does damage. The aggravations come when we give the (imperfect?) remedy before the peak, while the symptoms are building up. It really is too little, too late to change the course of the disease.

My change of attitude came in hindsight: this weather front, which I was totally blindsided by, took James' constitution by storm and hurt Blackie's digestion so badly she's still vomiting 3 days after the rain. The white-collar male is still missing.

One problem area is that it's taking me time to find the exact remedy, even 3 months down the line. Cicuta and Squilla were total surprises, so I started low and may have got the disease at the wrong point - during the build-up, with a low potency, as the weather-front moved in, before the full moon, etc.

Weather changes are a major bummer problem area. I can't find a barometric chart that I can use to predict a change, but when I do I might be able to tell when there is going to be a change. Right now, I'm reacting too late for the worst cases.

Another problem area is that healing by the moon is what I do best. I find giving the remedies en masse is helping a lot more than healing one case at a time. I am checking the moon remedies in a general way and that works in the food. But when I try to individually treat an animal I can't see the same degree of improvement. Maybe the problem is too many doses or too large a dose (even olfactory is too much). I'm losing confidence in my ability to treat individual, acute cases.

Here's a fourth problem area using Blackie as my example:
All the remedies she's reacting to point to breathing difficulty and ulceration today: She took to Phytolacca in very high potency (10m) and 6x, then to Chlorum 6 which is usually given for spasms of the glottis and asthma, then to Eucalyptus 50m which is usually given for breathing difficulty and gangrene of the stomach.
 .... But when she vomited this evening, I found a lot of pus dried in her left ear. I'm wondering if it was a boil in the ear all along, which would have made her vomit from the disorientation in the middle ear! Phytolacca probably brought it to an end.

This is the healing problem: the body is healing deeper issues before the current, acute one. I had the same problem with Rocky after he had his accident. He'd draw worm remedies all the way until the end, and not much of accident and acute remedies. So this leads to healing around the issue (which the universe seems convinced isn't so bad!) and makes us look foolish to modern medicine.:)

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