Saturday, April 26, 2014

Breaking down the disease: Weather, Seasons and the Moon

The healing order should be: Trauma ---> Seasons -----> Weather ----> Moon

I'm only just beginning to see how to break through that disease complex: using the moon, the weather, seasons and other exciting causes.

1. The moon is a great place to start. The cycle of the moon is a great irritant to a diseased animal. Removing it's influence at key points helps in healing the animal.

2. The weather is another major exciting cause of disease development in animals that have inherited STDS. Weather changes include electrical and atmospheric change, rain, wind, heat and cold.

3. Seasons are another really terrible strain on their diseased bodies and minds. Every seasonal change, winter, spring and monsoon, cats and dogs fall sick and often die - mostly showing symptoms of the disease we call 'distemper', 'parvo', etc. or worsen in disease states like respiratory, digestive or nervous disorders.

4. Another exciting cause is accidents and trauma. The stress of the accident seems to loosen the reins of health and the animal rapidly degenerates into death if we don't find the exact remedies to counter the stress. Just giving Arnica or Symphytum doesn't help. The underlying disease should be countered as strongly so that the animal can recuperate and regenerate to the point of control.

I have struggled to even figure out which miasm might be the exciting cause of my street dogs' diseases: the rheumatism, the digestive problems, the cataract, the breathing difficulty and the dying - the vomiting death, the distemper death, the chorea and paralysis death, the wasting away death, etc. They're all similar - just various degrees of the same disease to my eyes.

Reading Hahneman for the first time in 2001-3 or so, I got hope that there was the possibility of cure for them. But that's the trouble with ideas - 15 years down the line I still can't make book knowledge fit reality. At the start, I thought, "Oh, everything is ultimately psoric, so healing with antisporics is all I need." But that's not how the body heals - antisporics only worsen the situation when the disease is an intangible whole.

For a long time, I thought it was Tuberculosis, especially when Lassie and her children died (2004-5). Then that it was syphilis, when Nuttu was dying (2011-2). But though there are a few similarities, they responded to few of the remedies for those diseases.

Sycotic miasm in animals:
It's only now in the last couple of years that I've begun to appreciate the Gonorrheal and Cancer connection. Still it is a complex that defies intellectual reasoning. You can read about gonorrheal or sycotic remedies, but it doesn't follow they'll work in any simple order.

Free dogs, cats and birds will always have a sexually transmitted diseases. Puppies and kittens and bird chicks inherit the disease. Their bodies adapt to the disease state in different ways to survive. But there's never a stasis - they're always on the verge of breaking down.

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