Thursday, April 17, 2014

Pacing the Remedy to the Disease

Blackie's death has made me realise that I'm taking too long to figure out the moon remedies when I've so many other things like change of weather, miasm, animal remedies, etc. to pay attention to. I'm just going to make boxes for each moon month, because that would limit my experiments with the moon cycle and get me moving to figure out how to deal with weather change, seasonal, when to give animal remedies which miasm to treat when, etc.

I'm also not pacing the remedies to the disease. Maybe that's why I'm failing in individual cases - trauma, acute attacks, metastasis, etc - and doing so good with the larger population - in the chronic, everyday remedy for miasm and moon healing. Or I should just say no and send acute cases to vets - something I'm still not prepared to do.

Here's a list I thought up:
  • When the disease speeds up, I should have used remedies that are more acute than chronic - after all, homeopathic remedies do have a pace at which they work;
  • When the weather changes, more acute remedies than the slow chronic ones;
  • When the season changes, more acute;
  • When it's Full Moon and New Moon more acute remedies than at the Quarter Moon;
  •  Maybe I'll have to alter potency or give more doses or keep a list of acute, emergency remedies that I can use when a '4-5 days to death' is at hand. work on a protocol or standard procedure like doctors do for emergency medicine.
  • Listing out acutes for each part of the moon cycle from the plant remedies
  • If the single remedy healing is too slow, giving combinations in mixtures - even though that's against Hahnemann's method. Compatible remedies should work better together.

Also, I'll have to ask the vets how they deal with poisoning cases - what do they give to antidote it and what procedure they follow. I greatly doubt  if it was poisoning though, I've begun to see it all as related to disease -  acute attacks of rheumatism of soft tissue, toxic gastritis/parotitis, gangrene, etc.  The poison explanation is more to give someone a way out of taking responsibility - and all my loved ones have suggested things like rat poison or cockroach poison in the garbage she loved to search through. [I talked to Sarojamma, our street sweeper and she says no one is now using rat poison in the street - I hope that's true, for my poor rats and to discard this notion.]

Maybe, but I could see signs - grey spots all over her joints and nasal bones, more debilitating attacks of allergy (hard, bellowing breath almost suffocative attacks), consuming less food and fewer types of food, more nervous, etc.I should have responded with something - even just Aconite - each time I saw her or another dog alter behaviour, without trying to figure it out.:(

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