Saturday, April 26, 2014

Apocynaceae: New Moon remedy

I learnt something exciting today. Kenchu drew Apocynaceae (especially Apocynum) and since it is two days before the New Moon, I wondered why. Usually they draw Strophanthus which works on the kidneys better.

I was reading on it, when I realised all the Apocynaceae belonged to the Urticaceae, and the most interesting remedy in the group is one that I haven't tried at all - Cannabis Sativa. It might help those with cataract! Of course there's Conium as well, so more to study, but I've at least placed more in the same group than ever before.
Strophanthus 30
In terms of energy it is amazing how two remedies of the same species react differently. Strophanthus and Apocynum are from the same plant family, yet Strophanthus is energy-rich for healing and Apocynum is quite dead. Both are supposed to help dropsy, but Strophanthus has a reputation for healing the heart and Apocynum is more general.

I'm guessing that for dogs, the heart is the more affected by exposure and exertion leading to the dropsy and the digestive and kidney failure. Can't think of any other reason for the energy difference in terms of healing.

This is one of those remedies that doesn't stop drawing energy in a continuous stream. Homeopaths usually give this as a tincture, not potentized, so no mouth doses of it please. I'll add more as I experiment.

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