Thursday, April 17, 2014

Dying dog remedy: Rhododendron and Lycopersicum

Blackie died! I am so shocked and grieved because the end was so sudden.

She stopped eating 5 days ago, didn't join us on the walk for 2 days. That's it.

Poisoning or acute gastritis from rheumatism, I don't know.

She started it all by vomiting up first yellow bile and then green frothy bile. She couldn't keep down even water. The weather change must have been the cause, and that I hadn't really prepared. She initially drew Mag Sulph 3x and Puls 6x. I gave her every medicine I could think of through reiki and a few by mouth dose, but nothing changed the course of the disease. I gave her Rhod 200 yesterday and this morning at 4:30 am. She seemed relieved by it and by Lycopersicum 30. But it was probably too little too late.

 She crawled into her favorite gutter after the 4:30 am medicine and I couldn't find her until it was time to go and buy the food for the dogs. When I was there I felt something strongly drawing my energy. She was probably dying at that time, around 11:30 pm. At 3:00 pm I got worried that she wasn't moving and went into the gutter to check - she was already cold and hard.

She first came to me from the same stretch of gutter, lame in one leg, so shy that it took her 6 months to come out and meet the other dogs, such a love. I used to feed her and give her water in the gutter every day. Her leg grew strong and she had such a way of climbing onto every car on the road and teasing the other dogs who couldn't.

What tears me up is that I had no remedy or reiki for that kind of virulent vomiting of water and bile, the quiet preparation to die. I couldn't feel the weather change though all the animals seemed to see it coming. I gave Ran Sc 30 for 4 days, but it couldn't save Blackie - if I'd seen the change developing, I would have given Rhododendron 200 which might have worked better (it has the green bile vomiting up of water which Ran Sc doesn't).

I was so distracted by James, and trying to feed more street dogs that I neglected her - but she was an independent sort of dogs' dog and didn't want me around so that doesn't hurt so much. I only wish I had thought of Hyscamus or one of the Solanaceae right at the full moon to prevent this degree of dehydration and suffering in the end. I wish I could have taken her to a vet, but I know she would have hated that, so that part I'm at peace with - street dogs would rather just die than the go through the terror of a hospital to be on IV fluids and antibiotics.

She was the most cheerful and undemanding dog friend I've had, even upto the way she died, quietly without any help. I loved the way she made Howl and Gundu feel alpha to her beta, and ... Ah, life. I thought healing by the moon cycle will make them live longer.:(

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