Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Patterns of healing

Pattern of healing:

Miasm remedies

Psorinum ---> Carcinosin  |---> Syphilinum             |
                                                                               |------> Psorinum           |----> Carcinosin again?
                                                                               |----------> Bacillinum    |

The pattern of healing: Sequentials by Season

Townsend's Sequential Therapy : matching the miasm to the season, i.e. giving psorinum in the fall, tuberculinum in winter, medorrhinum in spring and luesinum in summer.")

Heal Cancer miasm first (with Carcinosin, Hekla lava), then Syphilitic miasm (with Syphilinum), then Tubercular miasm (only Baccillinum nosode draws energy), then Sycotic and Psoric'

Pattern of healing: Psora Sycosis Tubercle Syphilis.

Using lower potencies for a more defused and general healing and higher for specific, deep spot/issue healing. Also lower potencies when the chakras are congested and there is little energy movement between them.

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