Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Characteristics across the periodic table

I'm assuming here ...

Calcs, Zinc Sulph and Cuprum Ace are all for eruptions suppressed. They probably all work on the brain and nervous system.That's probably why Chamomilla appears to be supporting so well.

Barytas, Cadmium Sulph and Argent nit probably all work on the digestive level, maybe the solar plexus.

Aurum, Merc, Plumb, Thallium by inference would work on the skeletal, bone and kidney level.

Mag Mur and higher across the periodic table would work on a cellular level?

Need to test this theory, but from it I infer that as we get closer to the full moon we should go down in the periodic table to be safe.

Safety being more important than cure always. I don't want to make life threatening mistakes if there's am aggravation. (Though how it would be better to have a kidney or bones inflamed instead of the brain is a puzzle. :)

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