Friday, April 5, 2013

Distemper epidemic - 3Peg and Defiant's kittens

Distemper is raging through the city, especially in shelters and among ferals.
Another bunch of casualties are in the making this week, two kittens are dead already.
Three days ago, the mommy cat, Amma Puchi aka Defiant moved her kittens in a hurry from a storage cellar (herself a distemper survivor, I'm thinking with this new knowledge, since she can't mew).
All four kittens were dropped as she carried them down a tree, which makes me think she might have been sick herself, poor thing.
I kept picking up kittens and putting them back in the parapets, until this morning.
We later realised one kitten was already dead in the cellar, which explains the rapid evacuation.
Anyway, she kept dropping one particular kitten to the ground level, so I waited a night to see why and give her time to rescue it. At around 5 am I realized that she had no intention of taking the kitten back because it was dying of distemper, so I took it instead. Its body temperature was already sub-zero. Perhaps I shouldn't have waited that long, but I didn't know what ess the right thing to do.
It drew on a few remedies - iod 3, chamomilla 6, 1m, ferr phos 6, anth 30. But I had little hope it would survive - it was dehydrated and weak, with peritoneal swelling, gums pale, tending to grey.
It would drink fluids well, which worried me even more since its upper respiratory, eyes and nose were rattling with mucus and pus. It wouldn't take much for a little fluid to go down the wrong way.

She died the same night from the respiratory complications. But I started her siblings on Cham 6  and iod 3 immediately. I hope I'm on time. The Chamomilla settled their nerves somewhat, the cries were less frantic.
The mother has been carefully covering up something on the parapet - I dread to think that it might be another kitten. Another of her babies fell off twice. This listing balance is typical of the disease, as they get more and more dehydrated. I somehow doubt that it will survive.

Everything we do for distemper is too little or too much and always too late.

3Peg at the shelter has been sick for my last two visits, but my mind skittered away from the possibility of distemper. Now he appears to have the abdominal form with diarrhea and vomiting. I wasted 2 to 3 weeks which may cost us his life. I feel awful.  (But on the other hand, 3 weeks ago I wouldn't have thought to give him Lycopodium 10m and iodium 6 which gave him some relief last night.)
I've bought Lycopodium 50m and cm along with Iodium 200 and 1m and I'm going to dose all the animals hoping for their survival. I pray I'm doing right by them,  Goddess help them if they're too far gone and I'll be adding to their suffering.
An update: the 3 remaining kittens are still alive but 3peg at the shelter died this morning.
R.I.P., little one.