Monday, December 9, 2013

Ringworm and other worms in dogs

I've been reading up on ringworm which is a fungus. Along with thread worms, roundworms and hook worms.

Ringworm is common in distemper dogs, which is why I took an interest in it. All the hair falling of my dogs could be a result of them having extensive ringworm infestation our one of the effects. Bacillinum send to be the preferred remedy.

Hookworms seen to specialize in dogs and cats. Chenapodium is the specific homeopathy remedy for that. Anemia sand a kind of herpes seen to be the two problems they cause.

Such a scary thing, these worms. They spread easily, live hardily and long and live to procreate in the millions of eggs they produce everyday. A couple of drops of Chelone Q around full and new moon in their food seems to be helping them without much violence.

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