Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Best Dewormer: Argent Nit 10m -cm

I've been trying out many deworm remedies. All of them are partially successful no doubt but none with the depth of argent nit.

Some are better than others - Filix mas, Stannum and Sabadilla are better than the others, but only helps in 3x, 30 and 1m respectively.
From various sources: Nat Phos, Cina, Santonine, Caladium, Teucrium, Spigelia, Ignatia, Indigo, Sabadilla, Sabina, Stannum, Calcarea, Cup oxy. nigr., Nux Vom, Chenopodium, Allium Sativa, Hydrastis,

Additionally rom Shaeffer's veterinary work
Felix Mas, Granatum, Kamala, Abrotinum,  Artemisia Mar. (Cina), Merc Corr, Coccidia nosode, Giardia nosode, Cryptosporidium nosode

From S. Swayanandan's book additionally, all in 3x or 6x:
Aconite, Agemone mex., Ars Alb., Baryta Mur, Belladonna, Bismuth, Calc carb, China Off., Ipecac, Lyco, Merc corr, merc viv, Sepia, Terebinth, Verat Alb.

**Strikethrough for those I don't have, bold those that really drew energy.

I'm surprised none of them mention Carcinosin! That is my wonder dewormer and probably the best kept secret, like Hekla Lava, in homeopathy.:)

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