Friday, November 15, 2013

Throat chakra remedies

Mag Mur 10m - throat, shoulderblades (200), ankles, hands and calves.

Mag mur works primarily on the throat chakra. I guess it's a thyroid or tonsil or parotid remedy first.
Then for Icy the 200 kicked in and it slid down to the shoulder-blades. Then the dog moved away which he usually does when he's had enough. I wonder how many chakras down the back its work will stop. Probably the solar plexus but when I gave Kenchu Reiki with it at the solar plexus I had twinges of drawing pain in my left ankle then the right calf. When I hold it over the heart chakra for Pummi, I have the same twinges on the back of my hands, both hands alternate, like I've overstrained them.

Laxmi seemed to improve with Nat Sulph. My mother says its an excellent remedy for the brain.

Natrums work with the Throat chakra and the Thyroid since that's where the body's water balance begins. Kenchu's drew both Nat Phos 12 and Nat Mur 12.

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