Monday, November 18, 2013

Mag carb, nat sulph for Canine Distemper

Roo, is holding steady. I brought her on the 15th when all the disease was hidden except ravenous hunger and a desire to bite bedclothes (should have given verat a or v); the next day when the remedies first revealed a sniffle (gunpowder 30) then worms (Sabadilla 30) and then chorea which was her worst day.

But from the first day she's been drawing Physostigma 6, cm, Mag Carb 30 2 or 3 times a day (and an occasional Phytolacca 6) puzzling me.

The Physostigma works to return voluntary control of her muscles by will and her heart. The Phytolacca ... Worms?

I think Mag carb has worked deepest to pull the disease out from its base in the brain. I'll post the fantastic write up by Allen about it in the next post.

This morning she started drinking water and a bit of soy lactogen on her own after Nat sulph 30. So her brain and body have begun to function again. She had lost all recognition and volition from the 13th at the shelter. But now she seems to recognise me.

She still smells 'green', which is a sign of virulent disease to me. I wonder how her gut flora will return. She isn't eating anything. But holding together is good enough for me. She's drawing Serotonin 30, senega 1m, ars alb 30, Med 1m, Causticum 10m, filix 3, nitric acid 30 and esp nux vom 30 all of which might have helped her in the single doses or in Reiki hands on that I've given.

I'll only repeat them if she draws them again. I did buy melatonin and put it in her water this morning since it is available otc. I hope it helps in the brain healing and stops the sinking (see Allen's write up in the next post).

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