Friday, November 15, 2013

Interchangeable remedy combinations?

Mag mur instead of Mag carb + Mur acid?

Reiki and homeopathy appear to be quite indiscriminate in choosing vibrational elements. If the body needs magnesium and chlorine, it absorbs it in virtually any form and will even take a remedy with periodically similar properties.

That's why there's such a similar feel to baryta carb, calc carb and mag carb. They even read like each other.

If I haven't picked the right remedy, mag mur, but mag carb, the next remedy will be a chlorine one: Muriatic acid or some other.

I've noticed this tendency before.

While is frustrating to know how much I miss the mark in picking remedies, this could work to our advantage... if it's true.

1. We could pick remedies down a periodic block if we need more base or more acid with the same characteristics.

2. We could go across the periodic table quickly, find the general area from which to select a remedy before pinpointing both potency and type: element, acid, base or salt.

That is the hope.:)

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