Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Distemper: a reaction to the weather?

Distemper isn't contagious at all, its a reaction to the weather. Electrical, barometric pressure, stress and immature immunity.
That's why it affects all the weak ones together. It mostly affects those who are underdeveloped because they aren't developing. A kind of weeding out by nature.
It's inherited syphilis, or one of the older sporic diseases, but the impression of an 'outbreak' is an illusion. I have often turned back from the edge of this very idea because it is so radical, frees humans if blame esp shelters, and for me the worst, makes death inevitable (but I know now how to help them develop so death is not an issue anymore).
The thing is to forget all that modern medicine has grilled into you - forget viruses, worms, maggots, bacteria. All of them are not the cause but the result of disease. them won't alter the fate our suffering of the poor animal.

[Rhododendron? Aconite, Ranunculus Bulb, Dulcamara, Cicuta ... the weather remedies like these might help. Sabadilla 200 increased the yanking but reduced the frequency in Roo.]

[Cicuta might have helped or Rhododendron]

Roo: head spasms

Distemper is a complex disease. Just when I thought the Argent nit might have healed her for good, another increasingly violent attack of the muscles jerking all over the head began along with 5 -6 very watery stools and great weakness. Her eyes were sinking into the head again. She started refusing water and food (probably can't control her tongue or jaws - this was how Raja died ... and so many others. So so common and so bloody hard to figure out and save them.)
I tried about 20 salts before Cup ace came to mind.now she's slightly better.
6 hours later - well, now she's drawing Sulphur. The jerking in the head resumed and now I'm giving Reiki with both Sulph and cup ace in hand. :/
I'm trying to find a pattern if any to the remedies she draws.
Poor thing is so thin and weak I'm ready to let her go if she needs to die.
This morning I thought I'd see if it would work down the sulphur group to heal as well as the copper group did. And yes! She responded strongly to Tellurium 6 then 12 and less so to Selenium.
What does all this mean? She's weaker than ever peeing and having diarrhoea every few hours (and not small quantities ... far more than the liquids she takes! How will she live?? I'm so scared and worried for her - dogs draw Reiki upto a few hours after they die. Is she just preparing to die. Only time will tell.

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