Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Promise of Mag Carb

Mag carb,if it lives up to its proving, should solve the mysterious state before death in dogs where the back of the head and the sides above the eyes sink,as if the brain is shrinking.
According to Kent it is a symptom of one-sided cases of unexpressed tuberculosis and he calls it marasmus and a degeneration of the cerebellum.
I have seen it in dogs dying suddenly and in those that linger on for years appearing listless, grey and lean. They sleep away years before the fatal crisis if they're in undemanding environments. Some of the old dogs in Bangalore which live in peaceful cow sheds or temples, loved by gentle poor people live very long lives in this state.
If this remedy lives up to its promise, my darling Pummi can be saved. Her brain is already sinking and she sleeps all the time. Kenchu has the sunken look too. Maybe even Laxmi could have been saved. Fingers crossed for my surviving dogs. Let this work!
I've been meaning to write a tribute of thanks for Eli Jones' work on the cure of cancer for mentioning both Phytolacca and Mag sulph (Epsom salts). If only I had identified the lumps under the skin and the tubercles by the same words these homeopathic writers use!
(a 'lump' can be a 'swelling'in your mind and a tubercle could be 'hard pimples' 'growths' or 'dry warts' in your search and you'll never find what you need but a thousand others!) I wish someone would rationalize homeopathy so we can all use the same term for the same mental picture... it's too much like saying blue and thinking green or reading tree in devising a language for disease in the mind. Fortunately though between the writers they are consistent - astonishingly so.
Maybe that's what medical training does vs amateurs like myself. Still, I cure more dogs than any homeopath or vet that I know, so that's something to be said for a fresh and naive look at the world.
I'd read it numerous times when Sonu was dying but because he mentions physical gross doses, and she hated being touched or given medicine or Reiki, I didn't get to do much with the knowledge.
Now the idea of mag carb for her tumour makes me see how close he was to the solution I needed.
The guides to kept pointing it out - but taking me to the water when I won't drink it has always been the problem with guidance and me. I don't see what they're showing me until months or years too late.
A reason that magnesium salts work so well may be because street dogs live under so much nerve stress from traffic, human abuse and exposure.

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