Saturday, August 10, 2013

Dying dog remedies: Euthanasia

I believe in ahimsa and the right to live until your last breath. It became harder to watch the vets fumble over the killing, often causing pain and getting defensive over their lack of skill. Their methods and the chemicals they use aren't gentle enough for me, their explanations on causing final distress sound hollow.

Now do the euthanasia with homeopathy.
Ars Alb (abdominal forms) and Carbo veg (respiratory forms) - in a 'live or die' moment. Carbo veg 30 esp has led to very peaceful deaths when they were otherwise struggling to breathe.
I've recently begun to use Tarantula 30 (pain, struggle to die) given even 24 hours before which seems to make the end quiet and without a desperate struggle and pain in strong dogs.

 Healing for Dying with Reiki when they draw too many remedies:
Animals draws too many remedies when they won't heal, or are ready to die.
Give them everything they draw, as often as they draw it. As high as they draw it. Until they indicate they've taken enough - usually about a half hour before they die.

Some remedies will make them cry out and tense up - discard those even if they draw the energy - is too late to correct the life, so avoid the distress. Other remedies that will relax them and put then to sleep- use those more often.
Keep trying because it's aligning their energy to cross over. It's the greatest kindness you can do them.
Give them water, even if they only puke it out. My one regret is denying dogs free access to water in the end.

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