Saturday, July 27, 2013

Causticum 1m: Success! Feline Respiratory Post-Distemper

My first clear success in healing cats came a few days ago. I write now because I'm sure it has taken in all four cases!

The first to heal was Mr. Gray with Borax 10m, Gelsemium cm and Baryta carb 10m. I gave him Reiki for 4 or 5 days with the remedies and he improved rapidly. His body structure changed.
Then his brother,Gray jr., became sick and I despaired of healing him because the same remedies had little effect. Then 2 others, Blacky and Grey-white, developed the respiratory symptoms. Bac 30 got a mild response.

When Blacky fell into a standing tub of water and almost drowned (her lungs were so full of mucus she sank like a stone), I gave her Causticum 1m for shock. That was a lucky find since it quickly healed all three.
Following up with one dose each: Asterias 1m, Medorrhinum 200, Gels 200, Bac 30, Syphillinum 10m, Senega 30 and last Psorinum 1m. These seems to be the chief remedies with Lachesis, Borax and Baryta carb in 10m for healing teenage kittens.
Update: Blacky isn't doing too well, but the other three have recovered fully. Still trying to figure out how to get her to catch up.
Update 2: Blacky is doing better than all the others. Graphites 10m  was probably the only remedy I gave her that I didn't give the others (she had pus from one nostril).

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