Friday, March 8, 2013

Dying dog remedies: Rhododendron 200, Chlorum 6, Carcinosin 10M: Vomiting bile during changing weather

 17/4/14 - My Blackie is still vomiting bile, it has turned greenish over the last two days. She's drawing Rhododendron 200. Started drinking glucose in water after Rhod 30 and Chlor 6. Still, after 5 days of starving and puking there's not much energy there to pick her up. Fingers crossed that she won't die.

8/3/'13 - There's a Big Boy at the shelter, an abandoned great dane, the sweetest fellow I've ever met who has been vomiting bile since the weather has changed. He's drawing Nux vom cm. I hope it helps. Every bone in his body sticks out.
He reminds me of the white dane I rescued from Shivajinagar who ran away every day until I couldn't find him. I couldn't help him either, his joints were pus-filled and leaking, but that was before I used homeopathy and Reiki in combination to improve my healing skill. I hope to do better with this boy.
He's a big favorite with Shital Kumar, one of the Sarvodaya team. [He died the same night. R.I.P.]
The rainy weather has such an incredible influence on personality. We now have the retreating monsoon with the usual cyclonic weather of the east coast.

My neighbours were quarreling noisily on the street, the dogs were fighting among themselves, the cats were stuck in high places. I had very uncharitable thoughts myself, viewing all things and people with suspicion.

All the animals are eating abnormally too -- some are eating overmuch, others are not eating at all. I'm feeling my addictions calling - currently potato chips and dosa - and alcoholics are lying on the roadsides and pavements dead drunk.

This is what I think the effect of weather should have been, what it was meant to be:
Our immune system gears up on feeling the barometric pressure drop. The lymphatic fluid moves to be ready to cope with possible invasion of micro-organisms and macro organisms that might threaten life from the weather protect us. And the whole nervous systembecomes acutely sensitive -- i.e., the senses are on a disaster alert. The digestive system adds its might by fasting (lightening the body for a flight response) or feasting (feeding up for a long confinement).

And so it should go in a normal healthy being. Unfortunately, neither us nor our beloved street dogs have a perfect state of health.

For animals its a fast-and-feast monsoon. They go off food, especially meat, a day or two before the rains and gorge like elephants after. Perhaps this is the worm cycle rather than theirs, but it is almost universal in street dogs and house dogs.
Two of my dogs allowed me to give them hands-on with Carcinosin 10M. I gave them about 5 mins on the lowest 2 chakras each before I fell asleep. The cats are better on it too.

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