Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Remedies by moon cycle

If I were to heal only by the moon:
The way to give full moon remedies is to use higher potencies near new moon and lower potencies off the same at full moon.
So, say, calc carb 6x or calc phos 3x at full moon and 30, 200 and higher at New moon.
This way you can prevent or reduce aggravations in the animal you are treating.
As the body resolves the vibration and absorbs it making the necessary changes to the life force, you can give higher potencies.

Lachesis and Hepar sulph come up during the full moon.
Sarsaparilla and other weakness remedies as well.
I'd give Alumina and Silicea during the quarter moons, since they are both for aggravations during the zenith and nadir.
Belladonna and calc carb during the new moon, which would prevent lingering inflammations from settling in the body.
Chelidonium on the Last Quarter.

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