Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Psorinum for Spring?

Terrified as I am of this remedy, I have decided to give it to all the dogs in food at 10m potency and risk it for 2 reasons:
1. For the last month, esp with the outbreak of distemper, I've been growing convinced that Psorinum would have prevented or successfully altered a number of those cases. An anti-sporic is after all anti microbial - whether viral or bacterial.
2. The virus attacks the rapidly growing cells - the bone marrow, the immune system and the stomach lining and skin ... what if these were stronger and renewed, couldn't the animal's body have resisted the disease better? Psorinum will push it out and limit it to the skin, theoretically.
3. I may be wrong completely, but I think Psorinum could be a good spring remedy, if not the best. Sulphur to is a spring remedy, when the body renews itself after winter. Psorinum is its chronic equivalent, so more so.
4. I read in connection to the Bowring paralyzed dog (which I picked up yesterday) that Psorinum and sulphur are two remedies for lymph glands. It is new moon in 2 days ago I'm hoping I've timed it right for some lymph cleansing.
I hope I only do good to them Fingers crossed that no animal gets harmed by this blanket medication in food. o that their bodies will only grow strong in immunity for the monsoon.

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