Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New case of distemper - nervous form

At least, I think it's a revival of distemper ... this extremely sweet teen is losing control of her legs. The degeneration had been more severe in the last week, rapidly progressing until she can only move by using both hind legs together in a hopping motion.
One of her front legs has degenerated sometime in the past but the vets at the Sarvodaya shelter have let her keep the shortened leg.
The remedy she had responded to has been Nux vom and I only had it in 10m and 1m. I have her Ignatia 200 before that, since she appeared to draw it a little, but it was nothing like Nux.
I need to get it in higher potencies to give her. Hopefully I can arrest the progress of the disease. I'm terrified I'll end up spring it on like I did with Psorinum once before.:(

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