Thursday, March 14, 2013

Indigo as a preventative and Baptista

I read somewhere that wild indigo was reputed by herbalists to prevent distemper in cats, though unproven as yet. In homeopathy that is Baptista which is used in high fevers and works for a short duration.
Since I wasn't sure about the fever I didn't want to risk giving it as a blanket remedy so I replaced it with its milder cousin, Indigo tinctora 30, which doubles as a worm spasm preventative, since we're at the New moon and worms would be feeding and mating like crazy.
This immediately helped Icy and the new paralytic, Bowring boi. It probably helped the kittens too, from what I could see in one tragic case:
Unfortunately one of the kittens was killed last evening or night. When I saw the dogs playing with a dead body on the road, I checked to see if it was the distemper kitten. It was, but its eyes were clear of mucus and its body healthy. If it's siblings got the same benefit our of indigo, the set might survive.
Iodine after Full moon was probably primary in cutting off the disease. I used it as tincture about halfway to the first quarter moon. Indigo probably helped with some of the remaining abdominal weakness that leads to  or results from worms.
I'm speculating that Baptista would work as the acute febrifuge and indigo as the chronic to post-distemper suffering, though I've never tried either before.

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