Saturday, March 2, 2013

Distemper survivors

I'm beginning to look at all dogs and cats, all animals actually ... even rats and crows, as distemper survivors.
The area attacked by the virus ends up weakened.
And year after year, at the same time as distemper rages across the city, usually Spring and Autumn, those weakened areas suffer attacks that make it worse until the animal eventually dies from the hardening off the tissue and organs. Much like internal scar tissue, a reaction to the disease by the body, it is protective but soon gets too much.
With homeopathy, we probably have to work backwards - clear up the scar tissue during the rest of the year and get the body organs and tissues functioning again, then work on the root cause to strengthen against the Nuevo disease season. Probably what Hahnerman meant with his miasm theory and the hierarchy of how it should be used.

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