Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Stages of distemper? Possible remedies

I am just going to see a puppy that was handsome and glowing two days ago, reduced to a quivering mass off tremors in 48 hours.The violence and speed of the development of the disease is shocking. I'd this distemper, I wonder?
I've seen it develop in other dogs around the same age reducing then to jelly and unconsciousness in a few days. I just want to record the stages so that I and others can arrest the disease earlier. Our at least stem the fury of the tide.
The first stage that I've usually missed is theChamomilla stage, where they playfully take food and reject it. I mistake it for game while actually the dog is not suggesting it right, probably lacking Pancreatin (this puppy was drawing it), which connects to the thyroid.
The second stage is the swollen jaw which they can't close out throat. Parotidinum was a remedy that he drew prominently. Belladonna and aconite should suit this stage too, and Merc I flav.
Then is the convulsions where they lose control of their muscles.
I started with psorinum in the afternoon, changed to calc carb by evening and Lycopodium high (10m) when he drew it at 4am. I hope it isn't too much all at once. Sometimes I tend to try too much too soon.
I will try causticum this morning because his muscles are still twitching.
Remedies he drew prominently were nuv vom, chamomilla, lycopodium, Pancreatin, sanguinaria, carbo veg (helped the most in the end).
He died but appeared to have vomited out a hard piece of digested food or perverted thick bile stuck in his esophagus, which I'll explain in a new post.

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