Wednesday, February 20, 2013

More about Distemper

There's so much confusion regarding distemper that I thought I'd run through a few articles again.  again. I need to get past my horror of it to treat it less emotionally.

Usually, like with this puppy, I have run around like a headless chicken for 3-20 days worrying about where to keep the dog, to take it home or not, euthanize or not, inject with antibiotics and put it on drips or use only homeopathy; and then running to get remedies after I've turned my dispensary upside down pulling out all I think might help.

It takes me days to recover from all the emotions of hope, patience, elation, disappointment and despair that I cycle through with each dog, each day, each remedy.

I've never saved a single puppy yet with homeopathy or allopathy, drips, antibiotics, vets, prayers or promises. I don't believe anyone who says they have either. Especially if the puppy has reached the twitch and stupor stage. I've never seen medicines or humans help a dog live, and those that survive do it on their own somewhere in a deep dark street gutter like my brave little Kenchu, but their life force is altered for the rest of their days.

Here's an article on Canine Distemper , especially the seasonal aspect, how it affects every single dog the world over, etc. Very realistic and not the usual net boasts of cure in this crazy war against viruses that our dogs are waging.

This is the distemper season, the spring, I've given all my street dogs sulphur 30 hoping it will act as a prophylactic.
In fact, I've subsequently followed up with high doses of lachesis cm and hepar sulph cm on Full Moon  to prevent repeated exposure to distemper. It seems to be helping all the animals including the rats, birds and cats.

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