Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Distemper Pup

For 3 nights now, I've been going over to V'ngr to take care of a teenage pup (the same one I refer to in 'stages of distemper'. I'm wondering if it was distemper at all out just a huge error of digestion).
He died this morning between 1 am and 3:45 am when I went back. rip, little one.

The violence of the attack was shocking to me. 3 nights ago he couldn't pick up the meat I'd given him, his jaw was so swollen. I gave him belladonna in distant healing (which I thought worked); by the afternoon he couldn't control his jaw or eyes or limbs. By nightfall he was mildly lethargic and paralyzed; by the next morning in a stupor. He stayed in it, with a paralysed tongue and throat with generalized twitching until he died by  that nightfall.

Only three things make me wonder if the whole thing could have been avoided by a prophylactic of Nux vom given every new moon. Treating it instead as a case of faulty digestion.

One, from the beginning he was clawing at his jaws like there was something stuck in his throat or gullet.
Two, he attempted to puke when I gave him Sanguinaria 30 and appeared relieved when he raised some foul-smelling gas. I think his digestion and the direction of  elimination were so poor that there was food putrifying in his body nor moving down as is normal.

The third was this long, dry half-digested piece of food or thickened bile that was a foot away from his face where he died. It is possible it was what he was trying to vomit out all along, it might have been stuck in his esophagus because there were no digestive juices on it at all. No bones in it just looked like a large piece of dried pus - the dehydration of not consuming water for 3 days had it smelling clean and slightly pinkish in colour but no bile or acid smell on it.

I have seen distemper pups who survive upto 20 days drinking down water automatically in a stupor but at the end oozing up a similar though more watery cream or pus up from their stomach or adenoids in a negative peristaltic movement. It could be a perverted form of bile. They seem to lack stomach acids for digestion entirely.

In human adenoiditis they give Pancreatin to get the digestive sphere functioning again since it regulates the thyroid. When I was a child I used to get these lumps of hard cheesy pus myself from around my adenoids. It would feel like something stuck in my throat for days until I could hawk it up. If it is that pus enlarged that he vomited, then it had blocked his esophagus. All the rest was just a consequence.

I am thinking that if I gave something prophylactically, it may prevent distemper in this area.

Or even more generally, some bile-enhancing remedy. I'm really going to work on finding this - distemper is knee of those diseases I'm terrified of.

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