Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Hekla Lava-Carcinosin combo and Immunity

I just read about a dog who had bone cancer and was surviving 2 yrs with a Sulphur-Hekla Lava-Carcinosin combo. How I wish I had used this combo 2 yrs ago.

You don't even need to know the dog has cancer to use Carcinosin. You can just use it as a good dewormer, imo. I don't know much about bones, and if you feel the same, here's a good site to read about them.

For that matter, I don't know much about cancer either, so this is a good veterinary article here by Joe Demers to brush up on a protocol to treat it with homeopathy (he sensibly recommends Car 200 with Hekla Lava 200, nothing else - Arnica for trauma and Phosphorus for bleeding) in LM (liquid doses) alternating weekly. He discusses, as I believe, that it is a systemic disease,'an immune system disease,' and appears to be a very enlightened vet with several holistic suggestions including Reiki.

I'll keep adding to this as I read more about immunity, Hekla-Carcin combo.

Dying dog remedies: Seratonin: Sun effects and Slow down

Sun effects
You know how on cloudy days the sun shines bright and gets covered by cloud, and then shines bright again? For some reason, probably the Seratonin in the gut, this affects dogs very much, especially the chorea and digestion-affected dogs and of course the dying (who really suffer when this happens). The variation of the light intensity drives them crazy with itching. When I was weak with Scabies, I felt the sun effect like a dying dog - like the life was leaving me out of my root chakra or tail bone. How much worse it must be for them, poor things!

Assuming it would help to use Seratonin 30, I  gave Reiki to it, and the itching for my chorea dog Kenchu decreased and went away. He stopped yowling. Maybe this is the solution to the Sun's incredible effects on the sick and dying. I could never stand the last few days to a dog's death because of the agony they go through in partially-cloudy weather.