Saturday, December 15, 2012

Hekla lava again!

There seems to be a cyclical tendency for remedies around the change of season. Or perhaps moon cycle plus change of season. Carc was drawing a week ago qnd still hasn't stopped. Now hekla is drawing in all potencies as well.
For a while there I was flailing about trying to figure out how many remedies it would spin off into - but Syphillinum, Bacillinum,Merc v, Nat mur and Thuja met the needs of most of the dogs.
So it appears that these 7 remedies are the dream set so far. Still not very sure of potencies but I hope they'll clarify themselves out soon.
Why hekla lava? I think the mineral soup in volcanic lava might have something for immunity from our bones up ... Esp if immunity is compromised to the point of attacking and hardening glands.

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