Tuesday, September 19, 2017

A friend and Windsor dog died

Yesterday Biju passed away. RIP, my friend. I'm in shock, he was barely 40 leaving behind a very young wife and 6 yr old child.

The Windsor dog died this afternoon. RIP, sweet love.

I was healing her with Colchicum 10m.yesterday when Vasu called to tell me about Biju. The energy of my shock and the dog's pain immediately gave me a deep catch in the region if my liver.

I couldn't breathe for about a half hour and then it slowly moved towards the back. I'm still in pain as it moves to the spine and the right lung. What happened, I'm not sure.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Two more cats MIA

Before I forget, Meeoo & her daughter have been missing for two weeks now. A rascal carpenter in the next building kicked her in passing and she was pregnant. I hope she made it and is just hiding through the storm but even her daughter is gone so I don't know if something bad was done to them.

Still, I wait.

Even that kitten died

So much for thinking I could save one with gangrene. He died too, just now. His blood was black.:(

He simply couldn't deal with the larger feral males' attacks as he reached puberty.

I've realised being feral isn't just a simple wildness. These males have the same sceptical quality as humans - they've forgotten their links to other cats & humans.

I think the last two came home to die. They were barely with me 24 hours.

Lumbu's sister, Raji's 3rd died

Two more cats. All from a kind of thunderstorm asthma. Vipera, Arum T, Phytolacca have given some relief to them and the last surviving kitten & Raji.

She started eating again yesterday. Still got the swollen throat glands.

Tarantula seems to be helping the gangrene on the terrace kitten's foot (bite, wound or diabetic) with maggots.

Princess MIA or dead

Princess of the recycling place has been missing for 5 days. Most likely dead. They say she got dragged into a storm sewer or killed by a car. Fully pregnant so she may have been giving birth in one. RIP, love.:(

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Bwssb oldy Ramu died

Two days ago, Ramu, the strongman of the bwssb tank, died. I heard yesterday. The last I fed him was a month ago. I can't reach as many dogs as I used to in my present uncertainty of what to give in homeopathy. My energy levels drop suddenly and I've too many hungry around home to feed the outer ring that I used to feed daily for the last decade or two.

I hope the end was easy. He was an  adorable & enthusiastic eater. Such a pleasure to feed those.:)

Friday, September 1, 2017

Motu, Chikin and Lumbu dead

My list of deaths continues unabated. This blog is now a death roll call.

Motu died the same day as Rocky I heard yesterday. Lucy remains lost from Ganesha Chaturthi day.

By the evening, a kitten, Chikin, fell from 3 floors and died an hour later. This was just before the rains began, dizziness from the energy change, anaemia, hardened intestines. The same thing in all the young ones.

Lumbu who'd been sickly with mucus from his eyes took a sudden turn for the worse last night, bleeding from the eyes and nose with a stiff black tongue. Thyroid, but I realized  too late to save him.

The guides rejected every remedy until by chance I picked Thyroidinum 1m. But it gave him relief in breathing & sleep until he died in the early hours of the morning. Prana breathing kept him going with purrs until the last day.

I'd have euthanized him but then again, which vet would do it without a bunch of money-grubbing, 'life-saving' interventionist attempts torturing the animal first? They'd never have realised it was a thyroid problem all along.

I'm in a bind where I have to go my own way if I'm to heal animals correctly.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Roxy's Distemper cure by Vicky

Vicky protopapa.vasiliki@gmail.com has cured a puppy of distemper using a combination of vitamins, homeopathy and allopathy)! Here's how she did it verbatim from email:

"Roxy, this one was my greatest hit!! she came to me with distemper , which was in the diarrhea phase and had just started a bit coughing.This time I knew what to do!(with Charm I had not this knowledge).I started her on 6 grams vitamin C  ( 2gram  x3) daily, plus 100000IU  Vitamin A plus  echinacea and Pycnogenol.Additionaly 40 IU  RoferonA .Twice I let the whole night in the room a cotton piece soaked in Ether(yes Ether kills distemper!!!) I gave her arsenicum 30 CH  plus Aconitum 30CH  and Bryonia 30CH ( those homeopathic capsules she ate one day all together! haha she reached them on the bench and ate them ).The coughing stopped the second dayThe diarrhea took longer but she had worms because when I gave her panacur , a whole bunch of rice-like worms came out! after good deworming the diarrhea stopped alltogether.She had the IGG test inthe blood at the beginning after she came to me which confirmed that she had distemper(this puppy was never vaccinated).At the end of the therapy I made a IGM  test which was negative ,declaring that she had no active distemper.She got vaccinated twice ,eats like a horse and is adopted!!! I include 2 videos.In the first one she is behind bars in a shelter waiting to die ,before she came to me.In the second she is cured in my balkony.This was my greatest success because I killed the virus before even making eye nose and neurological symptoms!!! i am so happy."

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Rocky euthanized

Rocky was taken to CUPA by an animal lover and euthanized 3 days ago. There's no sense to it - he'd started walking with a belted support.:(

RIP, Rocky.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

1 more kitten, 2 rats

Last night. The kitten began to decline rapidly as the moon crossed Rahu and died during the solar eclipse.

The rats between 17th & yesterday - I just found the bodies today.

I can't make head or tail of this Rahu Ketu business yet. The energy spikes are related to their interaction with other sky elements.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

2 kittens before the solar eclipse

2 of Bhatti's kittens died in the last week (tdt and 4 days ago). I didn't try to heal them because mother was too aggressive when I went close. Rip, tots.

1 of Patchy's climbed down a tree and vanished at night 3 days ago. Her sis is still on the building despite the rains and might hang on until after. Still hoping MIA kit will return.

The rest of the sick dogs and cats are hanging on. 3 days to eclipse.

Already the healthiest have begun to eat carbs and I could too from yesterday evening.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Four kittens, three rats, one dog died

Yesterday two healthy looking rats (except for eye inflammation - internal gangrene perhaps) came out of their holes and died. One more today.

It's this unnatural heat with an energy spike that's sucking the life out of all our creatures.

One of Stripes' kittens and one of V'athe's Putti's kittens died. Both of S's Chikki's kittens died.

The old SBI black one-eye is missing from a week, most likely dead.

So many with gangrene starting up from the tail or in a wound.
All in one week! This eclipse that's approaching, maybe?

Friday, July 28, 2017

Old nam lady died

This dog never missed the meal I've given once a day in 12 yrs. But the last few months, even her last meal, which she ate fully, was by sheer willpower. RIP, love.

Her daughter and two boyfriends survive her.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

ORMUS update

Ok, the guides don't care for me taking ORMUS much.

The last ORMUS I took a week ago seems to have finally got assimilated.

First the ants then sceps and today a massive blow-up by unstable neighbour. This seems to be a karmic generator of sorts. I don't seem to react with any stress though. It's like I'm in a bubble.

I also saw gays in a different light. Not as a pitiable group but an exploitative lot using the heterosexual male bonding for their own purpose. MF being blocked finally with that view. Has to be an ORMUS insight.

I saw flat earthers too for the first time as the indigo children we heard of from Kryon. For 20 years I thought it was bullshit - but here they are with their unique insight and clarity tearing up the veil of a globe. What greater revolution can there be?

Still, maybe I'm not ready for such violent karmic interactions with ppl (I've known Ashok since he was a kid and to see him so bloated physically and egoistically made me very sad). And insights that are simply unpopular.:)

They want me to give it to the plants though. Barry Carter says he needs to water his plants only once in 2 months now.

So far so good

No animals died since the last energy spike. There's a new one starting now maybe. The discharge seems to be in earthquakes far away. Strange.

The earth must be trying to avoid discharge with distribution but that fails catastrophically into an earthquake.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Two kittens and a puppy died

Two kittens (Stripes) died today and a puppy 2 weeks ago in an energy spike.

He was flaccid and paralyzed when I picked him up in the evening in k.r. market (the shopkeepers were throwing water on the little lad not realising he couldn't move from paralysis). Died the next afternoon.

There was nothing I could do to arrest the wasting. Twice in the last two weeks I thought the kittens would make it but the energy spike combined with the full moon brought up too much inflammation. Last night, 3 days after the full moon, I thought they could make it but they'd died by morning. One sibling was still sitting on them in an attempt to keep them warm, the poor love.

RIP, little ones.

Spikes in Schumann, CERN?

A drop in electron flux or CERN at full power or Schumann Resonance aftereffects lead to two more spikes yesterday. (Jen helpfully put all three in my head!:)

Again prana wouldn't flow.

More benevolence all around

Around 2015, maybe even before that, I noticed ppl being less cruel to dogs.

This year esp after pup, I'm noticing cats and dogs trying to get along.

This might be a Schuman Resonance effect? I read an article that said there was entrainment when consciousness rose.

More on prana

It's good intention with every breath not just the ones with the yawning that works.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Distemper is electric! Copper bite & collar

The grounding I tried did nothing. The guides wanted me to discharge it around the body with copper unrelated to the earth.

The copper in the mouth seemed to strengthen her. She sat up and began moving. But she'd spit out the wire.

Prana would bring her up to consciousness, so she could blink and move her eyes and close them.

Distemper is some kind of charge built up in the brain - it must be electrical, and therefore the muscular loss of control. At least for sure at the time of death. It explains the irritability and the connection to the weather!

Are we all like lightning conductors then?

Prana, not for the first time. Once when she was attacked by Gingercat, she stopped breathing for 5 mins and it brought her back, and her survival from kitten to adulthood owes a lot to it, and 3 times before she died, the attacks would vanish with prana yawning. But there's only so much one can yawn!:)

Even putting copper in the mouth is impractical except at the very last. But it seems to balance some brain waves. (I can put a copper collar wire on them so I have, loosely, on the ones that look affected.)

This leads me to think that the teeth have some direct connection to the brain. Epileptics are traditionally given a copper object to bite to shorten the fits.

I'm a victim of the charge myself! I develop tooth and jaw ache too and Cu wired myself with the cats and dogs. So in the evening, I bit into it. To my astonishment my jaw and teeth were trembling! So minutely that I didn't notice except for the clacking sound. In 20 minutes the pains were gone!

That's how Cu helps reduce toothaches from weather changes too. These toothaches are some kind of jaw & gum adjustment and you can hear a kind of clacking sound occasionally as it settles, like a house in the wind. There's active movement in them teeth!:)

The other thing I've been thinking is that this distemper/type1 diabetes is likely prana imbalance that yawning can rebalance in the trigeminal?

No wonder they're all drawing the diamagnetic elements and the epileptic remedies!