Saturday, December 16, 2017

Two more dead

Monday the brown male dog at Imp's was taken to a shelter, probably euthanised. He couldn't stand up was what they said - dizzy or paralyzed.

Today the white male cat at Mamtha's  died vomiting. It was playing the day before yesterday.

The cyclones are near Madagascar today. Nothing closer.  Yet the body reacts as if the change is continuous across the ocean.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

All local kittens are dead

Another kitten died last night. One two nights ago. None of Stripes' kittens have survived this season. Nor Bhatty's, Blackberry's, Raji's or any other mother.

This seems to be the natural order of this year. No kitten at has made it inside homes or outside in the wild. Every single kitten born since January has died.

But there may be hope to save the next set by treating the mothers with Medorrhinum. It's too late once they're born because mothers won't let us near them until the disease has hopelessly set in.

"Great disturbance and irritability of nervous system. Pains intolerable; tensive; nerves quiver and tingle." (this esp for Patchy according to the guides).

"Children dwarfed and stunted. Chronic catarrhal conditions in children. Nose dirty, tonsils enlarged, thick yellow mucus from nostrils; lips thickened from mouth breathing. State of collapse and trembling all over. (These are the last stages, the yellow mucus esp this year).

"History of sycosis. Often restores a gonorrhœal discharge. Intensity of all sensations. Œdema of limbs; dropsy of serous sacs." (all the kittens this year have had one or more of these symptoms before they died, Some couldn't bear being touched around the face).

"Disseminated sclerosis." (not sure what this means but there's hardening everywhere, but esp the spinal cord. The camel back).

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Cyclone takes away another

Another kitten died. The cyclone went around the coast. It survived a long time surprisingly.

Nothing I did was right this time.

Tuberculinum helped it through a stage but since it was too weak, the rash never came out sufficiently. I am such a bloody wuss with nosodes that I never gave it even as energy healing for more than a few minutes.:(

Stripes hates me now and this is a weak excuse but I couldn't get the kittens alone long enough to do more. Stripes and Rafiq and all the males after her as the cyclone approached was too much drama and histrionics.

But she was a good mama in the end, cleaning him up even to the last. For the first time, she was loving to the finish.  Usually cat mamas are  disgusted by disease and scared of it, moving the other kittens a away but not this time.

It's Maladrinum (measles), which is *tubercular* I now realise, for the two surviving ones. Again I gave it only a few minutes after the death.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Back to the Beginning with this New Energy :)

Now I know what the guides want. Individualized healing to some extent and to heal different dogs at different times. Back to what I used to do years ago.;/

But it's so different now. There's some new energy growing in which I'm seeing that none of these - Reiki,  homeopathy, medicines, etc. I put some notes together to explain it:

This is the energy that's been rattling my teeth since June.:) I thought it was death approaching - it was so strange, I'd never felt something so alien before.

Those that can yawn can live much longer then those that can't. This I've seen in kittens.
It affects the senses.
Its an audible electromagnetic sound that you can actually yawn away. A spinal tremor can diffuse it and lower it's range. Nothing else does as well.

At the top, aluminum foil on the head that makes it go out on the left side of the head (which may not be good). Oil along the central fontanelle helps reduce the pain it can cause like a sensitive scalp or skull.

I've tried chewing, gritting teeth, tooth on edge, and the best here, a loose jaw - all of these make it only better temporarily. That's because the audible vibration starts lower and the jaw is the last line of defense before the skull. This is why it's affecting the kittens and young ones so much - their head bones and teeth haven't fully formed yet. Their nose prana holes are blocked as well by the worms maybe in self-defence. The birds too probably have a worse time with it.

Half way down the back, a tremor in the spine can control it. Much like the 'maiyi melle barudu' spirit-drawing ceremony in the temples of the south. They draw this energy down into their body to predict futures, communicate with beings and energize.

I've not been able to change it lower than this but bare feet on the ground should make it change as well as movement. Yet to feel it below the heart chakra. In fact my feet fall asleep sometimes so I'm not yet fully utilizing it.

But I see in this sliver that this is how easy enlightenment, healing and dying can be! Tao, Zen, yoga and the guides were right all along. It's simple. It's in the body posture. It heals every living thing a around you. It's all vibration and we are transformers of it.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

70 photographed!

Now that I've got a good phone camera and I've got over my gripping fear and almost superstitious dread of photographing animals (I was convinced they die faster when, from one bad experience ...:), I've taken about 70 of my street beauties. About 50 or so more to go to cover my  daily route (usually around 126 or so)!

Then I'll do the cats (they've been hit the hardest, along with rats and squirrels, are not a growing population) which should be around 36 or so.

The rats are too shy and birds are too many.

I hope this is useful for healing and won't add to my grief. The numbers that  died this last year were horrendous. Like the end of an era of love.:(

Dogs 2017:

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Stramonium for electron flux?

I'm wondering now if we should treat all the animals affected by the electron flux with the three brain remedies: Stramonium, Belladonna and Hyoscamus.

Maybe start at the new moon time so that there's little aggravation?

At full moon we can give the other extreme brain remedies that work from the evolutionary root (or solar plexus I'm not sure) up like Bufo, Tarantula, Agaricus.

Maybe if the flux strikes in the middle quarter moons we should give (the animal remedies above - got to check!) or the barytas, lithium, calcs, etc.

Right now I can't see any pattern to the fluxes timing  except that it affects the young and old especially.

I wonder if we should give different remedies for those affected by a rising flux and those affected by a falling flux.

Then there are those proton showers.:(

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Homeopathic descriptive words

If only homeopathy was organised to find the same word in every search! I know all the repertories try for just that but looking at the shaky walk I'd call it 'unsteady' not 'staggering'. I call boils blisters if it has a little water and many other such words that are very different from what I'd find in the materia media.

Stramonium for kitten fip

Sounds counter intuitive but the guides suggested this for one kitten, Bangaru, sinking fast.

Her core body temp is dropping  so I thought of this only because it had beseeching cries when it woke. They said ok. Let's see. (The guides were saying no to every remedy during the peak of the electron flux.)
Kitten died at 10:30 pm. Too late.:(

But I'm keeping this post because I think it might have helped the previous black kitten as well because his was a 'staggering gait' for a week before he died.

Graphites has revived the other three kittens. I gave it as a sniff 3 days ago, but it was enough for them. Not for Patchy's last surviving abandoned baby Bangaru though - rip, little one.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Organising myself

Since my guides have been ignoring me for overt a month, I've again begun to try their suggestions.

They suggest some mnemonic cards. I go blank with anxiety when I see death in the animal's eyes, and I'm as terrified as they are of their chances of survival.

So first I counted the number of dogs I feed everyday. The first time I've done this on paper. Turns out that I'm feeding 126, maybe 30 more I can't recall. So despite the deaths there is a healthy number that made it.

Then I've got this memory card for the remedies. The guides pick it for each animal. They don't want me to do the general medicines in food anymore. At least not so early in the new cycle (that period to October appeared to be the end of some major cycle).

So let's see if I can heal the sick better. Maybe they will heal the sick finally.

Another kitten died, Big Guy may be paralysed

One of Stripes' black kittens died, all premature looking and undernourished, but the rest (3 of 5) are hanging on. It was epileptic seizures that I was able to revive him with prana all night but when I left in the morning i kept him on a hot water bottle, he'd just died as I came in the door.

The Big Guy I heard was paralyzed waist down but we searched and couldn't find him. All I can think is please no not him (unfair to wish it on another but I love his dignity & regularity) I hope not him.
it may have been him but he came and I was able to give him cimicifuga! I hope it counters the paralytic tendency. He's been limping but coming every day since.:)

Big misunderstanding

I've realised one huge misunderstanding I've been under. Maybe a part of why the guides think I understand everything wrong.

Having Egyptian roots in the dead may have an influence. Being born into an Angirasa gotra going back into history may excuse it.:(

Nature doesn't care about the sick. Homeopathy doesn't either. The guides don't as well.  Sad today.:(

They all want to make the living well, and good health incrementally better.

Thursday, November 9, 2017


Amethyst showed me the terrific Hawaiian "I'm sorry, please forgive me. I love you. Thank you." To let go when I can't help.

I've been using it when I can't do anything but watch.

Like the pranic healer psychic, Ramachandra, said long ago, "It's no use being able to see. What will happen is inevitable and can't be changed now." The wheels were set in motion long ago and now we're only watching the accident happen.

Ho'op works best at 15-20 feet away. Street dogs sleeping huddled will stretch and relax. Strange feeling of karmic release.:)

A way of healing

I have realised that I just have to think of a sick animal and a wiggly kind of rangoli movement of energy, like multiple figures of sideways 8s, starts up.

The foot energy is like the 10-2 of driving with a steering wheel.

By the guides? It needs no homeopathy. or even Reiki symbols. I keep reaching for them like I do my cigs as a crutch.

My horror of leaving my enormous collection of homeopathy remedy bottles may still come true. Lol I need to buck up and take them out in the road, give them away bravely to man and beast, because my guides don't need them.:)

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Ketu = horny growths?

The warts, calcareous deposits, tumors, scar tissue may be linked to Ketu. The guides are oking Calc Sulph.

Monday, October 30, 2017

So Ketu kills too

After seeing Ketu eclipse the moon, I'm beginning to see a pattern. Maybe that's why the guides didn't want me to use homeopathy until I understood this. Let me put this down to remember.

Rahu kills but Ketu kills too. THAT'S why they've got me healing with my feet!!

With Rahu there were those teeth juddering exits of prana from the head region. Usually from one side (left). With Ketu there's none but an insidious low-key ache in the sense organs - the eyes, the teeth and ears.

Both attack the same way (sense organs, nerves+immune system) by different routes -  maybe Ida and Pingala?

Rahu inflames and Ketu makes immunity, neuro~ sluggish. So there's mucus membranes affected in both. Ketu may drain or slow lymph while Rahu speeds it up.

Alternating yin and yang in kittens

The reason we are unable to get a handle on this problem of healing is that we try to isolate the sick and not treat them as a unit (with the mother).

Kittens have an alternating energy. One will overproduce mucus and the other will under produce the same.

How to treat the lot is still something I haven't worked out. Maybe there's "one remedy to rule them all"?

2 kittens died

One of Patchie and the other of Stripes' we can't find. She's probably left it somewhere.

A puppy I knew in PCR hasn't shown up to eat in weeks. Used to be very prompt before the last torrential rains.:(

Saturday, October 28, 2017

My messed up head

My confusion has reached it's limits I hope. But the guides have turned my world upside down.

For the past month or more they've said no homeopathy in the food. The last were Anthracinum and Carcinosin as far as I can recall.

Until Burp died it was still ok to treat random dogs with single remedies but since then not even that.

When Burp was dying it was healing with the feet. Yes, strange. But oddly, it was the only thing that would help him sleep right to the end. He didn't cry out when I fell asleep concentrating on my feet in the last couple of hours. He only woke me up with his last breath (which all dogs seem to do, like informing us of their passing).

But my confusion is deeper. The last day before he suddenly collapsed (with what could be a hernia), *Burp healed me* of a pain I used to get in my right hip joint.

It was the same side that he developed gangrene and I had healed him a year before.

What is going on??

This shadow planet X of Jeff P is turning everything upside down? Or did Burp give me the last of his energy?

I'm really sad if he did. I couldn't heal him fully in that year and yet ...

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Burp died

Burp died 2 hours ago. He began collapsing yesterday morning after straining to defecate (I thought at the time that he could have a hernia) in 2 hours he could barely walk. By morning he gave up all food and the guides said to hold off healing because it was causing pain. No vets either. By evening he couldn't bear to be touched around the waist. He died at 1:50 am and woke me because I'd fallen asleep. RIP, love.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Prana posts

Early in the morning when the prana is thick on the ground and in the animals, I can heal best.

I've noticed this for years now.

In the dry years between approximately 2004/6? - 2012, the best healing would be a prickling for a few minutes on my hands, with pain in all the bones. Now, like today, it lasts about an hour and a quarter.

I don't know if it's an earth wave we can receive only when we're rested (therefore after sleep), something that picks up with REM ( because it drags the mind into a dazed state like a lucid dream state) or a left brain or deep brain activity, this healing ability.

The conscious and critical mind kills the flow. So much so, the guides made me delete a critical thinking book I'd downloaded a few weeks ago.:) So maybe it comes from the creative unformed irrational whole, the large 99% unused by humans.

Whatever it is, it has access to the bones and marrow (they ache and hurt like hell - the main reason charging the earth is the way to go!:). It has access to gut flora (instant diarrhoea if the flow increases suddenly) and to other life forms around, even distant ones (the healing wave is limitless as far as I can tell, only limited by the amount of pain you can bear:).

Prana details

Tears while yawning

So this is what they meant when they said my notions were wrong! It's all got to do with LYMPH not microbes!!

Yay! I can finally brush my teeth and wash my hair!:d (some of my theories are very annoying and troublesome to me - I'm usually so glad they're disproven in action). Well, if it's lymph then maybe not wash my hair too often. .. the scalp seems to play a role or maybe the sinuses of the skull.

The sinuses of the face create a vacuum while yawning which act as a centripetal suction force (Schauberger inspired this insight). That's why we tear up. It moves the lymph (which is passive) against gravity/preventing density and stagnation. This is how we're helping the body cleanse.

Once the lymph in the head region begins to move, the abdominal lymph changes. No more spasms.

So do it till tears flow!

Prana through the eyes!

Today I exchanged prana with Simba through the eyes!! Very exciting for me, but it scared him and he growled at me. Not sure it heals though. I wouldn't want to play Mesmer if it can't do good.

I tried to send good intentions all the while wondering if it was presumptuous to assume that I'm better than he is.:)

He's such a good dad! Shilla vanished for a week, very sick, leaving her 3 kittens unprotected.

I'd feed them but they're all alone in the gutter and playing all over .... Simba, who's their dad, sat on a wall nearby and fought and chased every cat that passed, watching over the area until shill got back, still sick and weak but alive, the day before yesterday.